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Joshua Howell  (925) 956-8027
Pete Devine  (415) 666-5774

Hill Country and Delta Blues with Hypnotic Grooves

"There is no blues band performing today as different as HowellDevine—nor as delightful."  ~ Lee Hildebrand, Living Blues Magazine/SF ChronicleTriple threat talent, Joshua Howell (guitar, harmonica, vocals) and percussion savant, Pete Devine (drums, washboard), plus veteran upright bassist, Joe Kyle Jr. deftly mix rural blues with wildly syncopated rhythms to create a rollicking sound that stands in stark contrast to the typical blues heard these days. The band was the first blues act signed by Chris Strachwitz to his legendary Arhoolie Records label in over 25 years, a testament to HowellDevine's ability breathe life back into the early blues with their stamp of propulsive, hypnotic rhythms.

"...just when it seems like all the [blues] permutations have been heard and it might be time to hang it up, a trio like Howell Devine shows that in reality the road is endless..."
Bill Bentley

"HowellDevine plays The Music with the original feel, intent and spirit, and you can tell they love the music while delivering some real blues in their own way. The singing and playing is never strained and they play with easy confidence...they don’t have to prove anything.  There’s tasty slide, harp and rhythm with relaxed vocals that all blend together for a wonderfully satisfying knocks me out to hear a group playing such good quality blues today."  ~ Charlie Musselwhite

"What a pleasure to find a young band that really gets the blues...Deep and true to the roots. Really digging this record and so glad they’re on the scene. " 
~ Bonnie Raitt 

"A HowellDevine live show is like hopping a train in New Orleans and heading north past the Mississippi Hill Country, rolling past Memphis and Kansas City and arriving in the heart of Chicago.  Jump on board the HowellDevine Blues Express next time that it pulls into your town." 
~ Chuck Wentworth​, Executive Director, Rhythm & Roots Festival, Charlestown, RI

"The first time I heard these cats play, it sounded like a freight train rolling down Bourbon street!! It's good to know there are musicians out there carrying on and evolving an important American tradition. All aboard the HowellDevine train!!"
~ Ben Jaffe, Preservation Hall Jazz Band


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